Sand Pads

When it comes to the construction of house, building, comercial or industrial sand pads, no one comes close. From the smallest steps, to multiple tier ponds, to mountain side cutbacks. The quality of our work is unmatched here in WA.

Sand Cartage

With a fleet of the best trucks and truck operators in Perth at our disposal, running 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, we get even the biggest jobs done in next to no time. Whether it is bringing sand in or out, we get it there fast and competitive . . . for moving mountains or moving mole hills.

Land Clearing

A pad doesnt just materialise in a perfect spot, there is often rubbish, trees, demolished buildings and anything else you can imagine.

Rubbish Removal

No one can see under the earth and there is the posibility that foreign bodies will be found and have to be removed. We also undertake this role, making sure your building is built on good strong foundations, you can rest easy knowing your building is built on our name.

Dewatering and Excavations

Our city is situated on the good old swan river and against the the beautiful indian ocean. Although we love the water, buildings do not. However, we can still make our high quality pads even in areas with high water seepage through ground water pumping technology. By removing the seepage water around the perimeter of a pad we can still make a pad buildings and anything else you can imagine. We do all the dirty work!

When building in or around Perth, you can often have property on rock or limestone. We have the machinery and the people to be able to put your building where ever you want it.

Special Requests

We have also catered in the past for special client needs, such as blessing of the earth and Feng Shui design requirements. Should you have any special desires in the foundations of your building, we would be happy to discuss them with you.